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The Wet Descent

The Mummerman DVD

Did you attend the Mummerman Premier and not have $10 on you to purchase the movie on DVD? Did you miss the Premier, but want a DVD anyway? Were you there and helping sell the DVDs and then forget to buy one for yourself? Well worry no longer! It's here. Check out the Merch page and order it! It's only ten dollars. You do have ten dollars, right? Well why not trade that ten dollars for the cinematic experience of having the Mummerman right in your very own living room? Go now!


Enough Stupid Starts a Fire is casting for it's third sketch comedy revue! We are seeking comedic actors or REALLY funny people! Expierence or no, please join us at the Actor's Craft at 518 56th street Kenosha, WI on August 17th at 7pm! We are looking for energetic individuals, male and female, to fill out our existing cast! Comedic monologue or prepared routine isn't required, but encouraged. Compensation is possible, but not guaranteed. If you've always wanted to be a part of a live comedy show, here is your chance!

The Mummerman Trailer : Coming May 2010!

Here's the debut of the trailer, The Mummerman is coming out in May! Stay tuned!